Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hand made, using traditional methods, right up my street.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ruaha Tanzania

After months of no rain the storms start! The smell of that first rain on the concrete hard soil is as African as it gets.

Not the usual safari look!

Massai Blankets or Shuka.
The massai have a nack of combining colours and adorning themselves quiet unlike any other tribe.

No Camp is ever perfect and the termites play havoc with the managers wooden bathroom floor. The guy's getting stuck in and helping me to re build the bathroom. No doubt it will not be long before we are building it again, but we have a few tricks up our sleeve and will see how long it takes the little blighters! to chew their way thru this one.

Solid saligna! Chomp on that! Macrotermes.

One way to keep your room rodent free! Makes you feel like a drink.

Pancake tortiose.

Massai Giraffe

Those storms create some wonderful lighting situations a photographers dream.
The dry season in Ruaha offers some of the best wildlife viewing in my opinion. The game is concentrated between dry rivers and the predators are drawn to these areas. The landscape offers some of the most spectacular photo opportunities.

Once the rains start there is a transformation from dry grey, brown bush to brilliant green almost over night.

There may be some unwanted visitors at this time of year but they are all the more fasinating by their brief appearance.

Prides of ten or more lion are not uncommon and their roars are heard nightly!

Kwihala Camp

From the beach to the bush, Ruaha National Park west of its more famous cousin Selous, this is the hidden jewel in Tanazania's parks.

View from Mediteranio

Our stay in Tanzania always starts and ends at the Mediteranio right on the beach in Dar! The sea food and pasta are great and the ambiance really lets you relax and contemplate the trip ahead or the wonderful experiences you have just had.