Thursday, November 14, 2013


This year has been a busy one that's for sure. I have been so fortunate to be involved with the Field Rangers in the Kruger National Park. We have been assessing and training them to track people. Unfortunately poachers!

The field rangers are such a wonderful bunch of guy's and girls. Field rangers are a positive bunch who thrive on being successful and put their all into their training and work.Field rangers are doing their best in very trying circumstances. They just like the rest of us they have family's, mortgages, school fees and all the rest! They spend most of their days on patrol in the bush in one or other section of the park. In the scorching summer with temperatures reaching the high 40C's, the summer thunder storms, and the cold, dry winter days followed by freezing nights.

Without them our rhino would be decimated already and we would be fighting to save our elephants. These guys try to make sure that never happens. They are just as heart sore every time we lose a rhino!
As most people get ready to take a holiday and celebrate Christmas with friends and family remember our men and women in green.

They are our front line! the thin green line in a war against poaching!
My thoughts will be with them this Christmas.