Thursday, February 9, 2012

After The Floods 2012

The Swartspruit.

This small stream was at least 40meters wide and about 3meters deep.

Some of the debris brought down by the water.

The causeway we cross to get out of the reserve.

Not a great place to find your trailer!!

As the flood started there were a number of Hippo and Croc's moving up this stream to stay out of the Olifants River. The rain started on the Monday or Tuesday. On Sunday evening we saw some hippo moving up stream in front of the house. This only happens if all the grazing down stream is finished or if we are going to experience high water levels in the Olifants River.

I am always amazed by how perceptive animals are to the changes in their environment. A talent we seem to have lost! Having spent the last few weeks working on my tracking skill, I now think I have found a way to build that skill and be far more aware of your surroundings.