Thursday, March 24, 2011

A New Family Member!

A Labrador Retriever in the bush.

Not the dog you expect to see in the bush but she is taking to it like a lab to water!
Bailey is a yellow lab that has South African Champion father and comes from a working background at the Eagertriever Labradors.
She is super bright and is already sitting, walking on a lead and doing short retrieves!

Chilling in the Hammock.
The only way to keep cool and watch the game on the Olifants river plains below the house. The hippo snorts and honks certainly got her attention!

Checking on all the new smells that have been left by passing animals in the night,
before our morning training session. We are all on a steep learning curve and are having a great time doing it. We are following Mike Lardy's training program from

Nothing like a pool to beat the lowveld heat at lunch time.

Some swimming companions!
Grey Tree frogs.

Learning to swim in the local waterhole. At least there are no croc's in here!

Learning the finer points of retrieving from the boss!

That's not doggy paddle!