Monday, April 26, 2010

Photo Workshop February 2010

The view that greets all guests after that first morning drive. After a hearty breakfast there is a short discussion and often some exercises to get all the guests familiar with their cameras.

The rhino have been good to us and we have had great sightings so far this year. The dominant bull might not be as pleased as we are to see these two youngsters in his territory.

Although it was late afternoon watching two male cheetah hunting is a thrill ! The low light capabilities of the new digital camera's is just outstanding! A few years ago and we would have nothing to show of this spectacle.

Synchronised lion cubs, having just fed on a giraffe. They are watching the vultures coming in to land but not too close as mom is still feeding.

The light was great and we had this elephant bull arrive to greet the guests. We have had fantastic weather this year. We no longer hear jokes about there must be a photo workshop on since it is raining. I do suspect some farmers will miss us though.

Getting the shot !