Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winter Workshop 2011

Bruna's Fish Eagle

Bruna managed to catch this fish eagle at just the right moment on take off!! She has done some work on the image by adding vignetting, a bit of contrast and sharpening.

Tree Squirrel.
These little guy's are super subjects in the cold weather as they sit in the sun trying to warm up. Their antics as they prepare for the day can be very amusing.

A young elephant testing the wind.

Fish Eagle.
As it gets cooler and the pans start drying up. The fish eagles and storks have easy picking. Most pans have a mass of writhing barbel (catfish) caught in the mud. There is also often a lot of competition between the different predatory species.

Dwarf Mongoose.
Just like the squirrel's these little fellows also struggle in the cold of winter and spend a great deal of time in the mornings grooming, warming up, and playing before starting to forage. They are often found in association with hornbills. The hornbills, being birds, are keen to get going in the morning and will call to the mongoose to try and get them up faster. This is because while the mongoose are feeding they often miss insects that the hornbills catch. The mongoose are repaid by having the hornbills as sentry's and by them giving an alarm call for avian predators.

Bruna getting down and dirty!

Michelle looking for that different angle, with her baby cam!!

Linda all wrapped up.

A large herd of buffalo on the morning drive.