Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Olifants Wilderness Trail May 2010

Olifants River

The rapids just above the trails camp are a great spot for sundowners, especially with the river being so full this year. The whole character of the river feels different with so much water and the rapids add to that feeling of raw power. It is hard to get trailists back to camp before dark as they enjoy this situation so much.

The southern bank of the Olifants heading away from the confluence of the Letaba and Olifants. On this trail we learnt about 65 new trees in the two days walking, thanks to the group and their keen interest in everything botanical. This meant we also took our time and were rewarded with a close sighting of white rhino, we also saw buffalo, elephant and a great deal of general game.

The rapids just west of camp could provide some great rafting and paddling! Just have to think about what lies in wait below.

The island created by the two great rivers meeting.

Trails are about being in the moment, enjoying the solitude, the chance to let your mind rest and to realise in wilderness there is only you and your surrounds. It's this that modern man is getting further and further from and because of that, we are drawn to it all the more.

Trails Rangers A Frame.

The early mornings and the banter around the fire at night means rangers see little of their rooms and who really needs more.

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