Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sabi Sand Workshop 2011

The Sabi Sand Game Reserve is not only one of South Africa's oldest reserves it is also home to a phenomenal concentration of wildlife, especially the big cats!

Most people are lucky to see a leopard in their life time. In the Sands we are blessed with leopard sightings and this safari was no different with no less than six different leopards in four nights. We also got to see the same leopards a few times so the number of actual sightings was closer to twelve!

This beautiful male was on a waterbuck kill just outside a guest room. He was joined by a female and her cub.

Elephant are well known for their love of water. We watched this bull having a ball while his mates were more subdued and drank before moving off to feed. This waterhole produced elephant almost everyday, and it was great to see a large herd running down to drink.

Dagga Boy's
As they are know are the older males normal found on their own or in small groups. They are fond of wallowing in mud and tend to stay close to waterholes.

Dark Chanting Goshawk

Grooming male lion just prior to starting out for the nightly patrol.

Male leopard on patrol.


I have just had enough!!

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